November 8, 2017
November 8, 2017
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We are one of the largest and prestigious Manufacturers of Animal Feed Materials in Vietnam.

Our Materials Products are made from some Agro-waste Resources of Fish (Sea Fish, Pangasius), other Seafood (Baby Skrill, Shrimp, Crab, Squid, Cuttlefish), Cattle/Poultry (Bone, Meat, Feather), Plant/Vegetative (Corn, Sweet potato, Tapioca, Rice, Soybean, Peanut, Sugarcane, Coconut, Pineapple, Cashew…).

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Herewith is our Product:

            EARTHWORM MEAL

  • Advantage & Usage:

+ Earthworm, also called Worm or Vermi, has a science name is Perionyx Excavates. It often eats the manure of Animal and often lives in an environments with many decaying organic matter.

Mature Earthworm size is from 10-15cm. It’s body contains a water content 80-85%, dry matter 15-20%.

+ Very rich in Protein content until 65-66%, it considered is a high valuable additional Nutrition Feed for Aquatic (Shrimp, Eel, Fish…), Poultry and replaced for Squid Liver Oil in mixing for mixed Feed.

Earthworm helps to increase more ability to catch prey, create higher quality for the Post Shrimp than other normal Feed types. From research results showed that Earthworm powder made Post Shrimp grow more 50-100% and Post-larval Shrimp can withstand stress, create better color and copper size copper than normal Feed model.

+ Earthworm also used as a precious Medicine on prevention and treatment of High Blood Pressure, Stroke…

+ Earthworm Compost (manure/castings) considered a great Organic Fertilizer which having high nutrient content, suitable for a variety of crops, not causing “shock” distribution, storage requirements easily, especially suitable for Flower types, as the substrate and a source of division nursery suitable for Clean Vegetable production.

  • Importer: U, UAE, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia, India…
  • Payment: L/C, T/T, D/P or Buyer’s requirement
  • Specifications: Our below Standard or according to Buyer’s requirement

Replaced for Squid Liver Oil in the mixed Feed for Aquatic, Poultry

  • Specification:

+ 100% from Fresh Earthworm

+ Vitamin B1: 50mg min

+ Vitamin B6: 40mg min

+ Vitamin B12: 60mg min

+ Alanine: 150mg min

+ Glycine: 140mg min

+ Leucine: 180mg min

+ Serine: 130mg min

+ Aspartic Acid: 280mg min

+ Glutamic Acid: 260mg min

+ Lysine: 120mg min

  • Packing: 20lits/can/carton outside, 12,000 lits/20’FT Cont.


  • Formula Usage for Animal Feed:
  1. As Supplement Feed for Shrimp:
  • Mother/Father Shrimp: 5ml of Earthworm Fluid/kg of mixed Feed daily during feeding)
  • Meat Shrimp: 10-15ml of Earthworm Fluid/kg of mixed Feed for daily during feeding and 20ml/kg before selling 15 days.
  • Common using formula for above both Shrimp types: To dissolve 100-150ml of Earthworm Fluid with 1lit of water, then, mixing more 10kgs of mixed Feed and incubated within 10 minutes before eating.
  • 2. As Supplement Feed for Eel:
  • Common using formula that 1lit of Earthworm Fluid/40kgs of mixed Feed daily during feeding and 1lit/30kgs before selling 15 days.



Supplement Nutrition Feed for Aquatic (Eel, Shrimp, Fish…) and Poultry

Main Crop: From Feb-Sep. per Yearly

  • Specification:

+ Protein: 66% min

+ Fat: 9% max

+ Calcium: 0.5% min

+ Lysine: 8% min

+ Phosphorus: 1% min

+ Fiber: 1% max

+ Carbohydrate: 7.5% max

+ Ash: 6% max

+ Moisture: 8.3% max

  • Packing: 50kgs/PP bag, 19-20MTS/20Feet
  • Formula Usage for Animal Feed:
  1. As Supplement Feed for Shrimp:
  • Mother/Father Shrimp: 2% of Earthworm powder with mixed Feed daily during feeding, 5% before and after birth 20 days.
  • Meat Shrimp: 1% of Earthworm powder with mixed Feed daily during feeding, 3% before selling 15 days.
  • Post Shrimp (Larval, Baby): Earthworm powder combined with Algae and Artemia for a great mixed Feed of Post Shrimp.

When Post Shrimp is at PL5 stage, 20% of Earthworm powder can be mixed with Artemia or can replaced 100% for Artenia and other mixed Feed one time in the morning of per day.


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